Italian Handmade Shoes

Published: 09th May 2011
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For the finest handmade footwear to suit men with luxury tastes, look no further than Madaboutown. In addition to our wide selection of luxury clothing, we offer numerous brands of Italian handmade shoes, all highly recognized for their superior craftsmanship, materials, and aesthetics. Browse our collections of Italian designer shoes, and you will finally find footwear with the quality, design, and fit for a true gentleman's lifestyle.

Consider the classic collections of Riccardo "Freccia" Bestetti, the master shoe craftsman based in Vigevano, capital of Italian designer shoes. Critics call him one of the finest shoemakers currently practicing the craft. His handmade boots, loafers, and lace-ups feature sophisticated, utterly unique designs in the highest quality European suede and calfskin.

Among Bestetti's many creations are his classic brogue oxford shoes, a masterful union of simplicity and elegance featuring a hand sewn leather sole, full leather lining, and beautiful calfskin upper. The border panels feature beautiful handmade embroidered trim. Or, consider Bestetti's classic calfskin loafers, supremely handsome in their hand-stitched detailing. View also stand-out designs like Bestetti's hand-tooled, handmade and hand-painted cowboy boots in a striking vintage style, made exclusively for Madaboutown. Indeed, Bestetti's collections of Italian handmade shoes provide designs for all occasions and tastes, for men interested in only the utmost quality.

For handsome handmade riding boots that can be worn every day, look no further than Alberto Fasciani. His factory in the Marche region of Italy unifies local, time-honored traditions with contemporary worldly tastes, resulting in an incredibly successful line of riding boots for modern gentlemen. The ancient, practical purpose of riding boots is transmuted to a stunning yet refined modern style.

Distinctive and intriguing, Fasciani's calfskin riding boots also feature fine durability, making them suitable for all sporting activities and outdoor excursions as well as leisure occasions. Fasciani has also recently added beautiful handmade ankle boots to his line, made exclusively for Madaboutown. Both ankle boots and riding boots feature decorated uppers, resistant leather soles, and back zippers, and they are designed to naturally conform to a man's foot.

At Madaboutown, you can even find traditional "Scarpett" Italian handmade shoes. Scarpett, or little shoes, offer the comfort of socks, yet are suitable for outdoor wear. Scarpett originated when skilled shoemakers in the past observed how Italian farmers made strong yet comfortable cotton shoes to keep their feet dry and fresh as they worked. Scarpett are now quite fashionable for beach wear, long walks, even summer parties in the evening. However, only the designer Creazioni Fratta offers Scarpett that are true to tradition, made in the small Italian town of San Daniele del Friuli in strong, handmade cotton without glue or other chemicals.

Madaboutown is your source for Italian designer shoes for any occasion, as well as numerous other hand-crafted, fashionable luxury clothing and products for men of means and taste. Our convenient new site offers you the advantage of one-stop shopping for all manner of high-quality, wearable goods for men. Visit Madaboutown and acquaint yourself with our collections today.

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