Mens Linen Shirts - Why Guys Love Them

Published: 04th May 2011
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Wondering why your man simply loves his linen shirts and refuses to part with them even after years of use? Here are some of the reasons for the immense popularity of mens linen shirts.

Linen is a natural fiber made from the fiber of the flax and is known for the freshness and coolness it imparts. In fact, so synonymous is linen with comfort that the term 'linen' is often misinterpreted to mean comfortable undergarments and shirts.

Mens linen shirts are very durable. Linen is about 2-3 times stronger than cotton. Thus, they may be used for long periods of time. Add to this the fact that linen is naturally resistant to moths and bugs and you can easily see why linen is a popular material of choice for many men and women.

Linen is soft and it sits lightly on the body. Also, linen becomes softer and more comfy as it ages. No wonder your man hangs on to his linen shirts even even though you want to dump them in the bin!

Linen shirts feel cool to the touch as they are good conductors of heat. Linen fiber absorbs water quickly. It is believed that mens linen shorts can easily absorb approximately 20% moisture and still stay dry and crisp. This accounts for the popularity of linen shirts in the summer season. Most important of all, just like cotton, linen too allows the body to breathe. Thus, it ensures that the heat and wetness on the skin is not trapped inside, and it allows the air to circulate through the fabric.

Besides the above reasons, another major reason for the popularity of linen men's shirt is style. Great looks are definitely a plus point. Ever since linen earned a name for itself in the clothing industry, many designers have been taking it to the next level. Linen may be blended with cotton, wool, silk and other synthetic fibers like rayon. Fortunately, fashion designers have been combining linen with other materials to come out with stunning designs. As a result, linen blends are used to make all sorts of clothes like formal wear, casual wear and suits.

Linen shirts are easy to care for because the material is naturally lint free.

Linen shirts may be bought from online stores. There are many benefits of online shopping. Comfort and convenience apart, one can also enjoy the pleasure of unlimited variety.

However, when shopping for linen shirts online, find out whether the material is a blend or pure linen. While pure linen is great, being a natural material with little elasticity, linen does have the tendency to sag and wrinkle. So, it is blended with synthetic materials like Rayon to prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Choose the right colors and style. Also, it pays to compare prices at a number of online stores to ensure that you get the best quality at the best prices.

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