Tips on Training Stubborn English Bulldog Puppies

Published: 03rd October 2011
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English Bulldog puppies are known to have a touch of stubbornness. Their strong determination may make for amusing antics but can easily become frustrating during training. Try these easy tips for your strong-willed English Bulldog puppy!

1. Socialization. Meeting and interacting with different people and dogs is one of the most important aspects in the development of your puppy. Just like kids, you need to make sure your puppyís friends are a good influence. A misbehaved pup can easily teach your puppy the wrong things. Pair up with a dog owner with the same goals for training and plan 20 Ė 30 minute play dates, keeping a close eye on how your puppy is behaving to quickly correct any wrong behaviors.

2. The more, the better. Experiencing different people and dogs arenít the only things your English Bulldog puppy needs to meet. They also need to see different places and environments. The more places he visits, the better he will react to different environments when heís older. Take him to the pet store, the park, the vet, a friendís house, the woods, the city Ė anywhere he hasnít been that is completely different from the next. This will teach him to not only embrace new places but to not be afraid of them as well.

3. Mix it up! Be careful choosing your training words. Most of us choose "no" as a way to stop our puppy in his tracks when heís doing something wrong. But many dog trainers will tell you to pick a word that you donít use as often such as "wrong" or a loud noise similar to "huh uh". This will keep your English Bulldog puppy from getting confused. Hearing "no" all the time in general conversation will allow your puppy to lose meaning for the word.

4. Shhh! Repeating a command over and over again until English Bulldog puppies respond may seem like the most logical thing to do. However, after the third or fourth time, you puppy has stopped listening and the command has no meaning. If your puppy does not respond immediately, move on to something he knows and does well then come back to the new command. Do this until your puppy catches on and completes the command correctly.

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