Why Pentax Scopes Are Better Than The Best

Published: 06th May 2011
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Pentax has been known for its rigid and flexible endoscopes that have helped patients from all around the world. Pentax endoscopes are known for their durability and accuracy. When you have Pentax equipment at hand, you can be rest assured that the results will be perfect. Pentax offers a huge range of products for endoscopy, colonoscopy and many more. Recently, a team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro integration, Germany have developed an endoscopic camera as small as a grain of salt! The micro camera enables doctors to perform their surgical procedures with utmost precision. Also, since they area disposable, these cameras spare the hassle of cleaning once they are used.

They have taken great strides in the field of lung cancer. Hundreds and thousands of people die across the world each year due to lung cancer. The primary reasons behind the deaths are due to late detection. Some minor changes that had taken place in the epithelium of the bronchial mucosa were not detectable by most bronchoscopes. But Pentax broke grounds by successfully addressing the issue and bringing hope to tens of thousands of people afflicted by the disease. Combining auto fluorescence and high definition recording, Pentax came up with PENTAX SAFE-3000 and PENTAX EB-1970AK models.

With PENTAX SAFE-3000 and PENTAX EB-1970AK models, doctors and surgeons are able to detect lesions and abnormalities at an early stage. Auto fluorescence emitted by the sub mucosal tissues enables these abnormalities to be detected. Pentax gave the world's first video-endoscope which gave better image results. The Pentax SAFE-3000 is essentially, a light-source integrated processor and Pentax EB-1970AK is an electronic endoscope.

The clarity with which surgeons can detect the minor changes happening inside the body enables them to effectively diagnose the problem and carry out a better treatment. Now that you know about the contribution of Pentax to the world of endoscopes, you need to have these equipments with you in order to effectively diagnose your patients.

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